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Heaven on Earth – Final Book in the Power of Four series is on Pre-order!

The day is finally here! Book 4, the final book in the Power of Four series is on pre-order and will be available starting December 10, 2020! You can find the pre-order link here:

I had a lot of fun working on this series, and while there were countless challenges along the way, the end result is something I am extremely proud of. These ladies have been through a lot with me, and each of them in their own way has helped me grow into the writer I am today. In that way, Brooke, Amie, Sera and Tara are very real to me, and I have grown very attached to all of them… yes, even I even love Zilla and Erebos! They aren’t so bad once you get to know them!

The series may be at an end, but my writing sure isn’t! I have a ton of projects I am working on, and lots of future shenanigans planned. You can follow them by subscribing to my newsletter here:

In the meantime, if are interested in an escape and like Fantasy & Paranormal Romance with a Magickal Twist, then you can check out my series link here.

Happy Reading everyone! XO