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Cover Reveal – Medusa’s Secret

I am over-the-moon excited about this announcement! I have a beautiful new cover to share in my Goddesses In Love series! My second book, due to be released October 2021, is the REAL story of Medusa and Perseus. Bet you didn’t know they were actually in love, did you? Poseidon definitely is up to his old tricks, and Athena’s reaction may be more surprising than you think. I’ve shared the blurb below.

In Ancient Greece, sometimes death is only the beginning…

Medusa’s human form, granted by the virgin goddess, has always been enough for her. Until now. No longer a virgin, Medusa now faces banishment from the temple and Athena’s legendary wrath.

Perseus’s love for Medusa breeds poison when kept a secret from all who live on Mt. Olympus. To have a life together, the couple must air the truth, even if it shakes the foundation of the Parthenon.

Medusa struggles to embrace her monstrous past, as Perseus is faced with a choice – to embrace a hero’s life, or to follow his heart’s desire. The collision of their destinies forces them into a world that neither imagined.


Medusa’s Secret will be available for pre-order in mid-September, and to get word of the announcement, be sure you are following me on my social! All my links can be found on my Follow My Journey Page. I have just started a TikTok as well where you can find me @dahenneman.

In the meantime, be sure to download Love For All Seasons to get acquainted with my new world! It’s .99 where books are sold! All books can also be found at my Universal Book Link site!

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