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A Rose

by: D.A. Henneman

Love is like a precious rose,

That blossoms from the heart,

To grow when we’re together,

But to die when we’re apart.

When ere I chance to see you,

It sparks that long lost flame,

That flame that ebbed so long ago,

A loss for none to blame.

Leave memories to be cherished,

Forever and a day,

Not of the tears and sorrow,

As we went our separate ways.

This is one of the first pieces I ever wrote, at a time when angsty poetry filled my soul… so we are talking quite a long time ago. It is a piece so ingrained in my memory, I didn’t even need to look at an old copy of it to reproduce it here. What isn’t coming to mind is the boy I wrote it about, although I suppose it represents any relationship that comes to an end.

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