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Soundtrack of my Life – Entry 32 – Shape Of My Heart by Sting

No proper Soundtrack of my Life would be complete without this artist… I adore Sting! One of the first concerts I went to (and I am really dating myself here) was The Police, with the “new group” who warmed up for them – The GoGos. It was an unforgettable night, and the music from both bands follows me to this day.

This song in particular has always struck a chord with me. Sting’s haunting voice may have a bit to do with that, I mean honestly… what is not to love about this man! But the lyrics also remind me a bit of my own journey and the many faces or sides of a creative. Like the four suits in the deck he sings about and the four elements I’ve written about, I believe artists have many sides to their personalities. Facets, if you will. Many see one or two in their interactions with them. Only those lucky enough to know and understand them well, get to see them all.

I’m not a man of too many faces

The mask I wear is one

Sting – Shape of my Heart

I have often said I am an introvert that does extrovert pretty well, although it is getting harder for me to do the social thing as I age. I prefer to sit quietly in my office and pull the words from my psyche, a pastime that has produced 4 novels, 2 manuscripts, 1 novella, and 3 novelettes so far. My facets aren’t necessarily hidden, as a matter of fact, they can be found between the pages I so meticulously anguished over when writing my series. There is a lot of me in those words for those who choose to look for it. For those who don’t, I believe it is an entertaining story nonetheless.

What I have come to realize is that when I look back on my older writing, I can see the author I’ve become in those scribblings. She was there all along, between the pages of teenage angst and bad poetry. Now that I have the time to listen to her, she has a lot to say. No longer hiding behind a mask, she’s coming into her own, and flavoring my stories with imagination and a creative force that excites me when thinking of the next step of my journey. I can’t wait to see what she has in the cards for both of us!

As always, thank you for sharing this journey with me, and for taking the time out of your day to read my thoughts. It means a lot. For anyone interested in what I write, please feel free to stay awhile and poke around on my website. I have a ton of content I’ve been developing over the years and I would love to get your thoughts on it.

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