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My 2023 Writer Goals – DA’s Treasure Map

Here’s the thing about goals… you don’t have to achieve them to be a success or to feel good about yourself. At least that is what I am telling myself. I have to admit that 2022 has been the least productive for me in getting to the things I had planned for myself, but what I have come to realize, is perhaps I didn’t have the right things planned out… aha! So now here is where that word I picked for my new “theme” comes in handy!

For any of you who are interested in checking out last year’s post, you can find it here. In summary, I chose “Alignment” as my 2022 word, and I believe that is entirely why I didn’t meet any of my goals. Hear me out… I was productive… very much so. But focusing on the things that aligned me with my purpose and passion, removed the focus from the smaller things I actually needed to work on. There are only so many hours in the day after all, and I had other things going on. I need to make the best use of my time, so here we are.

Along with past words, Grace & Balance, the word Alignment was a powerful force that really had me thinking long and hard about where I needed to be present. The adjustments were painful in some areas, and liberating in others, and looking back, I find that I am just where I’m supposed to be which makes me excited in a way I haven’t been in a long time. The word I have chosen for 2023 not only follows the same vein of thought as past words but takes their meaning and really hones in on it. My word “Deliberate” is precisely what I’m planning on being in 2023. I’ll be trimming the fat and getting down to business, purposefully moving forward with my end goal always in sight! Thinking long and hard about the things I’m saying yes and no to are a big part of that.

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But first, a recap! Here is my list from this year, along with some commentary on how I did.

DA’s 2022 Writer-Do List

Continue to query Book #1 of the Paranormal Mystery series and find an agent – Rejections aplenty!

Finish Draft of Book #2 of Paranormal Mystery series – Still lingering at 2/3 done

Finish Draft of Book #3 of Paranormal Mystery series – Didn’t happen

Outline Book #4 of Paranormal Mystery series – What was I thinking?

Edit and finalize Books 1-3 of Paranormal Mystery series – All of them are moving to 2023

Continue to research Ads/Marketing and complete Self-Publishing course – Currently at 55%still, and bought another course! Egads!

Complete Cover, Formatting and Launch of 2 more Goddesses In Love novelettes – Launching 2023

Continue Research and Outlining for Single Title Project –2023 is the year!

Rework short stories for a collection – Didn’t happen

Find more amazing readers to join my journey! – Hooray! Welcome Readers! At least I did this… sort of!

In spite of not finishing much on my list, I did manage things that were unexpected and not related to my author life, which I am proud of. Formatting and publishing a private book of poetry for my father’s memorial, assisting with and executing grants and subsequent park projects (day job), and serving in my first year as President of the Greater Detroit Romance Writers to name a few. I also did a significant amount of traveling which allowed me to fill my well of inspiration, something I needed immensely after such a draining 2020 and 2021. So I am completely giving myself a hall pass on 2022, and know from how I am feeling at the time of this post, that 2023 is going to be my year.

New Focus Word for 2023 – Deliberate

With a new year, comes a new focus word, and I believe the one I have chosen for 2023 will be perfect for me! I’ve decided my main focus in 2023 will be targeting the things that bring me the most joy. I anticipate a year full of creativity and trying new things. I am finding that I am a multi-passionate creator, and am having a blast creating ads, videos, and sharing snippets of my travel shenanigans. If you are on TikTok and haven’t followed me yet, please do so! You can find me here: I’m having so much fun there!

So here is my list for 2023, which looks suspiciously like the list from 2022, but trust me there are some differences!

DA’s 2023 Writer-Do List

Continue to query Book #1 of the Supernatural Mystery series and finish Book #2 while I look for an Agent

Outline Books 3 and 4 of the Supernatural Mystery series

Continue to take courses that align with my Author Journey

Launch Athena’s Challenge in February 2023

Launch Web Of Lies in Late Summer 2023

Bundle first 4 Goddesses In Love books and release Print version in Fall/Winter 2023

Continue Research and Outlining for Single Title Project and Non-Fiction Project

Rework Short Stories and submit for publication

Find more amazing readers to join my journey on Goodreads & Book Bub


See what I did there? I am adding Travel for sure to my list because I have realized that I’m a much nicer and more well-rounded person when I go out and see the world! Book events will be a little closer to home, so I can spend my time creating and lining up future launches. I also loosened the specifics on my list, knowing I will get there eventually on all of these goals, so don’t need to put pressure on it by setting a timeline that will be too hard to reach if “life happens.” I’m making time for what is important, and while my creativity is high on the list of priorities, there are some things (people) that are higher.

On a personal front, there are things to wrap up, people to visit, and places to see. I have an office to complete a remodel on, which I hope will give me just the motivation I need to get all my goals done. With all that said, I have promised myself more regularly scheduled visits with my Muse, which I think will keep me a little more balanced and aligned. Those older words still come in handy, and I still strive to work them into my life… but now to be a little more deliberate about it! 2023 I’m ready for you!

Are you someone that makes a list of goals? Do you find it helps as much as I do? Share your post in the comments, I would love to see what you have planned for 2023! In the meantime, happy writing, and I will see you in the New Year!

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Happy New Year Everyone!