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While it hasn’t always been part of my occupation, writing has always been part of my life. Poetry and song lyrics through teenage angst (no you won’t get to read any of them), short stories in college classes (perhaps you will get to read some of them), and random marketing material during my stint as a flower shop owner. Even with all of that writing in my life, ten chapters of a book stayed buried in my file cabinet until I closed my flower shop and my children were grown. When I went back to school (at an undisclosed age), the pages came out and the plot was re-developed. The timing was finally right for me. The Power of Four series was born and my first book, Sea of Dreams, was drafted in a matter of months.

I believe inspiration is all around us, filling our souls with experiences that can feed an active imagination. That is one thing I have always had – an active imagination. Interactions with family and friends tickle my mind and I find myself jotting ideas on random scraps of paper, napkins, or even the stray fast food bag. Some characters I develop have voices that are louder than others, or have a more interesting story to tell. Some have been pushy enough to cause me to pull to the side of the road to take notes. Zilla was, and continues to be, one of those characters that has no qualms about telling me how she wants her story told. She’s a piece of work! So much so, that she had me set up a Facebook Page for her!

I’ve had a blast creating the cast of characters in The Power of Four series, and I hope you love reading these books just as much as I loved writing them! There’s more to come, so be sure to follow me at any of the links you can find on my Link Tree!

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