Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest..oh my!

I had once thought that the only connections I needed to worry about, were the ones that I made in person or by phone. Those days are long gone, and as someone who wasn’t born to technology, it has been a challenge to connect the ever changing facets of my cyber-self. I think I’m getting it, and I thank everyone for being patient as I change the theme of my website, play around with scheduling tools, and do pretty much everything else but write. I know, I know!  Writer’s write! But I guess to be fair to myself…I was writing.

While I may not have resolved what exactly has happened to Zilla in book 2, or why Pixies and Fairies don’t really like each other (I figure it’s the wing thing), I have created a world where these things can (and will) be answered in time. In the midst of homework assignments (yes I was in school – what was I thinking), family gatherings and a full-time job, I was able to squeak my story out and get it to print. And book two, I am happy to say is just around the corner!  After my finals of course!

So was I writing?  Maybe not as much as I would have liked to, but yes, I believe I was.  Even when I was unable to hammer out a chapter, I was working it through in my mind. I was calculating all of the angles of how you would cross a boiling river, or whether a Lycan’s kiss could knock you out. What the social media tools have done for me, is to allow me to practice on little bits until I finally have the time to work on something bigger. I am happy to say that time has come, and I’ll finally have time to finish Amie and Aleck’s story!

With Facebook, Twitter (and even Pinterest), I have forced myself to put myself out there in the scariest way possible. The act of writing, along with using these tools, is giving others a peek into my innermost thoughts and can give a pretty clear picture of what I visualize when I write.  I have to admit it isn’t always a comfortable place, since I am a somewhat private person, but it allows for people that I can’t meet in person or call on the phone, an opportunity to get to know me.  So with that in mind…Hello, my name is Deby, and it’s very nice to meet you, and most importantly…are you team Pixie or Fairy?