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Soundtrack of my Life – Entry #15 – Uncharted – Sara Bareilles

I heard this song the other day and was reminded that this journey I’m on won’t always be predictable and that’s okay since that’s half the fun… right? As the song suggests, the roads I have traveled have been uncharted and while that doesn’t work for everyone, it has been a valuable asset for me as a creative. At least that is what I will continue to tell myself until my next bout of writer’s block.

In retrospect, it is hard to ignore that my life has been comprised of a handful of turning points. I think most people can relate to that. And Destiny has nudged me in directions that I never thought I would be able to navigate and yet, surprisingly, I ended up embracing the choices she made for me. She has had me try my hands at making veils, creating floral designs, staging events, selling insurance, developing a Recreation Department and going back to school. Each and every time I shake my head and refuse a direction, she whispers that we are the sum of our experiences and that we only have one shot at living. That is usually enough for me to give whatever she is suggesting a try. She’s pushy that way, and while I would never tell her this, she is usually right.

While my adventures weren’t always successes, each and every one of them has colored my world in a beautiful way. I have learned so much by making mistakes and pushing myself, and am not entirely sure that some of those things would have come into my life if it weren’t for me following my heart. The choices weren’t always easy, and the forks in the road didn’t always come at the most opportune time, but I can honestly say they were worth every bit of heartache they caused me.

Tapping into these real-life experiences allows me to breathe life into the fictional characters I create. Understanding my world through my character’s eyes is something that I will ever grow tired of, and lately, I am finding that taking their advice is something I really should be doing more often. They are whispering to take chances, to stop avoiding risks, and to sail the waters uncharted. I think I’m finally ready to listen.

I would love to know what your characters have taught you, and what moments led you into uncharted territory. Drop me a comment below!

Happy Writing! XO