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My 2021 Writer Goals – DA’s Treasure Map

I decided to post my Writer Goal post for the new year before the current one ends, since…well, 2020. Also, because in 2019 I let a few projects get away from me and I felt I had much better success staying on top of things this year. If you are interested in seeing my prior goal post, you can link to it here. I have made additional updates, and considering just how much we have all had going on, and the fact that we are in the middle of a global pandemic, I am definitely calling what I have accomplished this year a win.

So 2020’s theme word had gone back to “Balance” and I believe, so far, I have managed that pretty well, although if I’m honest, I could always do better. We had a wedding in the family this year, which took a fair amount of time to plan and execute. To top it off, we had to keep pivoting in and around constant Covid changes, but I’m happy to announce the event went off beautifully, as did my book launch! I relaunched my entire series with new covers, hard re-writes of Book 1, and released the final book in the series. Managing all of that in and around the event planning and flower designing was tricky, but we made it through!

As a reminder, I looked back on my 2020 list and listed an account of where I am at to date. Makes me feel pretty good to see my progression!

DA’s 2020 Writer-Do List Recap

Complete Edits on Sea of Dreams (Book 1) and Publish Third Edition (Don’t ask) – Done!

Complete Edits and Publish Heaven on Earth (Book 4) by June 2020 – Done (although pushed to December 2020)!

Complete research on magick systems for Heaven on Earth – Done!

Clean up all versions of the books and launch a box set for The Power Of Four series – In progress, adding to 2021.

Edit and Redraft Secret Squirrel Project and Query the heck out of it through 2020 – Done and in progress!

Draft and Complete 2 more in the Secret Squirrel series by end of 2020 – In progress, adding to 2021.

Pitch secret squirrel at the RWA Convention in 2021 and find an Agent! – Querying, so this will be added if no one signs me before then, contingent on an in-person conference.

Research for my 2021 Single Title project and non-fiction reference book – In progress! Going to start my Origins of Witchcraft posts again on Mondays!

Learn and implement Ads/Marketing once series is complete – This is a year-long goal for 2021.

Take the Self-Publishing Course by Mark Dawson – About 55% Complete!

Complete Goddess Short Story for Anthology – Done!

Holy Cow, I was busy! I am so glad to have 2020 behind me!

New Focus Word for 2021

To say I’m pooped is somewhat of an understatement. For 2021, I am focusing on everything I didn’t get completed by the end of 2020, with the addition of at least outlining my Single Title project, which I hope to start after Book #2 and #3 of my paranormal mystery series are complete. My plan is 4 books, but I never know with these things which direction the Muse will take me, so if I had 3 books at the end of it all, I would count that a win.

I have decided my main focus in 2021 will be writing/creating, and I hope at the end of the year I will have some amazing stories to share. I plan to write some shorter pieces and with my Power of Four series completed, this next year will be all about filling my creative well.

I have a tendency to become uber-focused and neglect myself a teensy bit. *Cue nodding from the audience*. With everything that happened in 2020, it was a miracle that I was able to get everything I did accomplished, but I also realize that my drive always comes at a cost. All things considered, I have decided to do is start cutting myself some slack, and have chosen the word “Grace” as my focus word for 2021.

I am an over-achiever by nature, so this list probably doesn’t seem like I am giving myself a break, but I promise you I am. A lot of these things are in the works and are picked at as I go which is how I work best. Paying attention to my work habits over these past couple of years, focusing on my strengths and weaknesses, and applying what I learn about myself has really paid off. I know what I am capable of, and if I can’t get to everything, my 2021 focus word will be there to give me a break. That is a win-win in my book!

So, here is what I have lined up for myself moving forward this year.

DA’s 2021 Writer-Do List

Create and launch box sets for the Power of Four series books – Summer 2021

Continue to query Book #1 of Paranormal Mystery series and find agent – All Year

Finish Draft of Book #2 of Paranormal Mystery series – January 2021

Finish Draft of Book #3 of Paranormal Mystery series – June 2021

Edit and finalize Books 1-3 of Paranormal Mystery series – December 2021

Continue to research Ads/Marketing and complete Self-Publishing course – All Year – Currently at 55%

Complete Cover, Formatting and Launch of “A Love For All Seasons” – February 14, 2021

Continue Research and Outlining for Single Title Project – All Year

Draft more novelette length stories for future Collection – All Year

I would also like to blog more regularly, so would like to utilize my scheduling resources a bit better. Being a 1-woman show sometimes gets overwhelming, but I am learning how to squeeze things into smaller moments in the day when I would otherwise waste time scrolling through social media. I am promising myself to do a lot less of that as well, and use that lost time for more days off and adventures.

For anyone out there struggling to get their projects done, hang in there and keep at it. And if you have lost your oomph, think back to where you were a year or two ago and see if that gives you the inspiration you need to keep plugging away. These lists really help me, and if you haven’t tried them before, you may want to consider including them in your process. It isn’t too late to get your goals down for 2021!

In the meantime be kind to yourself and each other Happy writing! XO