Heaven on Earth

Pulled into a struggle between balance and chaos, Tara must embrace her burgeoning powers and fulfill her destiny as the element of Earth.

Tara Varela secretly communicates with animals. Even stranger is her ability to heal others, which is getting stronger by the day. After tending to a mysterious man through an otherworldly connection, she embarks on a journey in a parallel realm she never knew existed.

Her journey to Wisteria is only the beginning. As she comes to terms with her magickal gifts, she finds that the man she has befriended understands more about her purpose than she does. As they unravel the mystery of their connection, they each struggle with their growing attraction.

The healing energy that Tara harnesses is powerful, but as with most magick, there’s a cost. Theo’s desires can’t be acted upon without draining her powers and she’s made it clear, she’s willing to chance it. The choice between following their desires and doing what they must is something they will struggle with. Little do they know; neither has much choice in the matter.

Heaven on Earth is the final installment in the Power of Four series. If you like romance with magical elements, strong heroines and parallel dimensions, then this series is for you! Follow DA Henneman and Embrace the Journey today!

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The Complete Series:

Prequel: Twist of Fate (Fantasy lead in to the series)

Novelette: The Jinni’s Wish (Fantasy Short)

Book One: Sea of Dreams

Book Two: Winds of Change

Book Three: Playing with Fire

Book Four: Heaven on Earth