Sea of Dreams


Strange things are happening to Brooke Fisher that causes her to question her sanity. Her hot coffee freezes, her hair turns green; and that’s just the beginning. Is the handsome man who has walked into her life the evil Shadowman she’s dreamed of, or her heart’s true desire? Her conflicting emotions are caught between reality and fantasy, just as they were during her childhood.

Will Engel feels an instant attraction to the beautiful bookstore clerk he meets while on vacation. As the connection turns into something deeper, he finds that he and Brooke are far from strangers and that their pasts are intertwined in a way that defies all logic. Unsure of his path, and questioning his part in Brooke’s destiny, he struggles to make sense of what is happening.

As the threat of the Shadowman grows stronger, Brooke realizes she must keep the magical journal, which has found its way to her, away from him at all costs. What she finds in its pages not only confirms her destiny, but outlines a shift in power so great it will change her life, and Will’s…forever.

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