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Uncaged Book Reviews

I wanted to shine the light on a wonderful digital magazine that spotlights some amazing Indie Authors. If you are looking for book reviews, this is definitely a link you will want to check out!

I was lucky enough to have a feature article done on my writing journey in 2021, and if you are interested in seeing how they do their feature articles, you can link to mine by clicking on the image below.

My article starts on page 46, but on the page before it, you can find an “Authors And Their Pets” section. I borrowed my daughter’s cat Bubba for it since he lived here at the time, and I have to admit I miss having him around. I always love seeing posts with writer’s pets, they make me smile.

Early this year, I received a wonderful review from them on my book Sea Of Dreams and loved what the reviewer had to say. This series has been a labor of love, and it was really nice to hear such kind words. In looking at all of the reviews that they do, I imagine that this magazine is somewhat a labor of love for them as well. I have included their review, as well as a blurb for Book One of my series below.

Sea Of Dreams

In a land that parallels ours, a great evil lies in wait. To defeat it, Brooke must face her greatest fears.

Just when Brooke Fisher thought she had a handle on her anxiety, strange things start to happen. In addition to her hair turning green, she’s had nothing but cold showers and iced coffee for weeks. When the man starring in her nightmares walks into her reality, she fears what their connection truly means.

The beautiful woman Will Engel has met is complicated in a way that speaks to him. As he helps her unravel the clues in a mysterious journal, he finds that their pasts are intertwined in a way that defies all logic.

As the threat of the Shadowman grows stronger, their journey takes them to a magical land that parallels their own. What they find there not only confirms Brooke’s destiny as the element of Water, but Will’s role in her future as well.

New Age Magick. Mystical & Paranormal Creatures. Empowered Heroines and Supportive Heroes. With the addition of a HEA, this series has it all! Click to start your reader library today!

By the way…Library 1 which includes this title is only .99 all during May 2022 at this link:

It isn’t always easy to get the word out about your books, and I wanted to thank everyone that has taken the time to read and review mine. It makes a huge difference for us, and it is truly appreciated. And a special thank you to Uncaged Book Reviews for taking the time to read and review Sea of Dreams! Your team rocks!

Embrace The Journey! XO