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Blind Date with a Romance Book

There is never a shortage of romance books in my office, or in other areas of my house such as my nightstand, living room curio, or stacked on my dresser. Let’s face it, you can probably find a few in my car and in my desk drawer at work. I suppose it comes with the territory of being a writer, although I would imagine I would still have stacks of books even if I didn’t write. It is especially important with so much unrest lately, that I surround myself with ways to escape the world, if only for a few hours. For me, reading romance helps me refill my drained stores of hope. It’s my safe place.

I wanted to share that feeling, so I thought it would be fun to give a few of these books that have made it onto my never-ending TBR to some of the lovely readers who have come into my life. I adore meeting new people to chat books with, and love sharing the love, so to speak. I have a total of 6 books to give away, and while I won’t share the authors’ names or the sub-genres, I will let you know that they are all guaranteed to give you a H.E.A. (Happily-Ever-After) and some of them are even signed!

I will send one book to each lucky winner and all you need to do is fill out my drawing form and let me know where you would like me to send your prize if you win! The drawing will be on 7/1/22, and winners will be notified via email. My plan is to send anywhere in the world I can get to with USPS, and all I ask is that you post on one of my social platforms when you receive your prize.

This shortened link will get you there, or you can click on the image above! So excited to share the love with 6 lucky readers!

For anyone interested in something to read while you wait, feel free to check out my Power Of Four Series by clicking here. I now have the complete series split into 2 libraries (Book Bundles) for those who are looking for an entire series to read.

If you are looking for fun short reads while you are on the go, and you love Greek Mythology retellings as much as I do, check out my Goddesses In Love series by clicking here.

Happy reading everyone! And good luck to all who enter! XO