Write-In Event for Authors

I've been having a rough time concentrating at home lately. There always seems to be things that take priority over my writing - AKA laundry, cleaning, you know real life stuff. Thing is, I can't just let the house stuff go, and if I do, it eats at me. But it also eats at me... Continue Reading →

The benefits of doing book festivals

In 2017, the published authors of the Muse Crew decided to dabble in some self-promotion and participate in book events.  We started by asking our local librarians and searching on the internet to determine which events had the most potential for positive results. We also looked for events whose charges would be the most cost... Continue Reading →

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring everyone! May all of your creative ideas find root and continue to grow! #amwriting, #themusecrew, #inspiration

Rewrites…a necessary evil

Rewrites are a necessary, albeit evil part of the editing process, with the red slashes of ink on the manuscript looking like something from the movie Jaws. However, without them, the story only reflects the water's surface. Perhaps it goes as far as snorkeling, but the tale generally doesn't get to the deep diving level that it... Continue Reading →

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