A Question from Goodreads: Storybuilding Mistakes

Embracing the Journey… and the mistakes! 🙂 Wonderful post!

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When I wake up, I like to get a cup of coffee and catch up on news and emails and social media.  This morning, I saw an email from Goodreads telling me that I had gotten a question, which doesn’t happen very often, so it caught my attention immediately.

What is the biggest mistake an author can make when it comes to world building?

Lyndell Williams asked me it.  I actually just finished reading an ARC of her book, My Way to You.  (It’s available as a pre-order!)  I haven’t reviewed it yet (I will today), but it’s an excellent book.  Lyndell is a fantastic writer.  She’s clear, she’s provides a good balance of detail, and she provides much needed diversity in her romance books.  So needles to say, I was like, um, um…Me Not Good Writer, Lyndell.  Please look away.  I even sang it with that voice from…

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