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#MythicalCreatureMonday – Pixies


In my series, there is no love lost between Sevilla and the pixies after they tore apart her kitchen and scattered an entire season’s-worth of dried sage. And while the sisters aren’t fond of fairies either, they are two completely different creatures.

Pixies are tiny, described as being able to fit in the palm of your hand or stand under a mushroom to avoid the rain. Although some are described to be a bit larger, they are rarely higher than knee-high. They are described as flesh colored, green or blue and have wings similar to a butterfly or dragonfly. While fairies can be similar in description, the main difference is their size. Fairies can be as large as a human, and can go from helpful to mischievous without reason. Pixies, while they can be mischievous, are never hurtful.

Pixies are very attached to the earth and their surroundings, often making their homes in hollowed trees or stumps. They are said to be able to charm humans into a dance, or nature into full bloom, which would be a handy skill to have indeed!

Here is a fantastic website I found that has everything mythology! Check out their post on Pixies! And if you want to learn more about Fairies, they have one of those as well!