Playing with Fire

Sera is the element of Fire and is as hot and unpredictable as the flame she represents. Logan has waited his entire life for her, but his time is running out.

Sera Cardoso’s thistle tattoo generally warns her away from danger, but this time it’s different. Now she’s seeing visions and hearing voices in the flames that she fights. A younger man with whiskey eyes haunts her and she worries the stress of her job is getting to her. When her abuela disappears, Sera returns to Italy and stumbles into a magical world that parallels her own.

If Logan Blackwood is unable to find his soul mate by the end of three moon cycles, his life will be altered—forever. When the fiery woman with the temper to match enters his life, he can hardly believe his luck. She is empowered, strong and will make the perfect bride for him. But the choice must be hers and she clearly doesn’t feel the same connection.

As Sera connects to the element of fire; the volatile nature of her energy has her seeking out help. The other elements help her with her transition, and it becomes clear there will be much expected from them all in the battle that lies ahead. Her decision to accept Logan into her life is one of many she will have to face as the evil in Wisteria grows stronger.

New Age Magick. Mystical Creatures. Swoon-worthy Alphas. Playing With Fire is the third installment in the Fantasy Romance series the Power of Four. Download this award-winning book today!

Winner of the 2019 Best Indie Book Award in the category of Romance! You can link to the site here! Finalist in the Paranormal Romance category in the 2019 Golden Quill Contest, hosted by the Desert Rose RWA. Award-Winning Finalist in the Fiction: New Age category of the 2018 Best Book Awards sponsored by American Book Fest. And, winner for Cover design and Blurb in the 2018 I Heart Indie Contest, for the Paranormal Romance category.

“Author brings in fights for power that feel very authentic, and I enjoyed the author’s talent for writing movement. Sensory details add to the realism: ‘taste the copper tang in the air’ stands out as a model of creating exceptional sensory writing. Sex scenes demonstrate an ideal crescendo of connection, expanding the seduction into a well-timed duration with stellar description, devoid of cliché. Nice work.”

Judge, 5th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards

The Complete Series:

Prequel: Twist of Fate (Fantasy lead in to the series)

Novelette: The Jinni’s Wish (Fantasy Short)

Book One: Sea of Dreams

Book Two: Winds of Change

Book Three: Playing with Fire

Book Four: Heaven on Earth

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