Twist of Fate

TOF_cover_half (2)

Fate’s blindness doesn’t prevent her from seeing the future. Spirits that once guided her are silent while dark energy leaches across Wisteria. She once had control over all destinies, but now is helpless as mystical creatures die. Without the internal voices, she is afraid of her own journey for the first time in her immortal life.

She and her two sisters, representing Past, Present, and Future, struggle to maintain the balance in a land that parallels Earth. Their magick must be combined to defeat a growing evil that transcends time, but at what cost?

Loyalty to the men they love battles their divine purpose. In a universe where all energies are connected, the corruption of one can spell devastation. Fate’s blindness mustn’t prevent her from finding the light. It will be the only way the earth will survive the darkness.

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